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Santander traces the crisis as the only major bank without loss to its shareholders

Us banks list / Monday, August 02, 2010

Emilio Botin has boasted during the crisis to preside over a conservative institution that does not invest in sophisticated products, which has allowed him to post consistent profits and expand its presence in key markets. The Stock Exchange has awarded this strategy in a way that Santander is the only major Western bank with a total return almost positive (% -0.11) in the last three years. Outstanding for what they lost the rest.

With the exception of the last quarter of 2008, Santander accumulates twelve consecutive quarters in which he has shown a net profit of over 2,000 million euros. This recurrence in the generation of revenue makes it one of the winners of the financial institutions crisis in addition to one of the few that has maintained a payout (percentage of profit for dividend) of 50%.

Santander has taken advantage of the health of its balance sheet to make purchases in those markets that considers key, such as Brazil, the UK or U.S. Royal Bank, Alliance & Leicester, Bradford & Bingley, the offices of Royal Bank of Scotland, Sovereign, the Mexican subsidiary or loan portfolios in the U.S.. Part financed divestitures, partly with capital increases.

The balance of this strategy makes it the first Spanish bank stopped, or so say the investors. Santander has offered a return-changing sum of stock and dividends paid "from the August 31, 2007 almost flat (-0.11%), allowing you to be the only major Western bank that can boast of that. The drop is 18% without the cushion of dividends.

BBVA remains in Spain, second bank in the country, which since then has generated losses for investors of 28.2% amounting to 37.4% without taking into account dividends paid. The figure refers to the cumulative performance over the past three years, which does not mean that some investors have been able to profit in trading operations.

Banco Popular, meanwhile, is the worst performance offers (-55.12%), again according to data collected in the Bloomberg database. That is, 100 euros invested in People on August 31 would now be only 45. We are Bankinter (-36.57%), Banesto (-33.52%) and Banco Sabadell (-27.94%).

Even yet the median Spanish banking is not the worst return offered to investors during the years of the worst economic crisis in living memory. Save BNP Paribas (-17.24%), JPMorgan (-4.64%) and Goldman Sachs (-9.27%), the other major Western banks shows very marked losses.

Nationalized entities are the worst hit, with negative returns of 90% for Royal Bank of Scotland, where the British state has more than 80%, Citigroup, once the world's largest bank and Belgium's Fortis, now called Ageas. Lloyds (-69.8%) and Commerzbank (-75.6%), both partially nationalized, are also in the car of the losers in the crisis.

Bank of America, that the forced conversion of the American financial system was done with Merrill Lynch, offered a negative return of 69.3%, slightly worse than Morgan Stanley (-53.19%), the French Societe Generale (-54 , 4%) and Credit Agricole (-49.5%), the Italian Unicredit (-55.5%) and Intesa (-47.4%), Barclays (-38%), Sweden's SEB (-49 4%), Japan's Mitsubishi (-58.8%) and Deutsche Bank (-33%).

The exception to the red numbers in the finance sector is in emerging countries where markets have experienced a huge explosion despite the vicissitudes crossing and cross the Western economies. Banco do Brasil offers a total return to shareholders of 29.5% since August 2007, while the Chinese ICBC, the world's largest by market value, is 31.6%.

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