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Presidents of U.S. companies are losing confidence in the prospects of the economy

Us banks list / Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As a result of mistrust remains a severe obstacle to hiring, said quarterly survey of about 1,700 corporate chiefs.

Young Presidents Organization (YPO, for its acronym in English) on Tuesday said its final index of confidence among CEOs United States sank to 57.5, according to the survey in the first two weeks of July respect to the 61 April. This was the first casualty of the index in five consecutive quarters.

YPO is a global network of 17,000 CEOs. Your survey received responses from about 1,700 of them in companies that vary in size, including companies that make up the largest Fortune 1000 companies.

'Only 42 percent of CEOs expect the general business climate is better in the next six months than today, and a fifth expected to be worse', according to the survey.

In April, 64 percent expected an improvement in economic outlook.

In addition, companies are increasingly reluctant to hire, a bad sign for an economy struggling with a jobless rate of 9.5 percent.

About 62 percent said that their staffing is probably the same in a year, compared to 58 percent for April.

'The survey responses indicate that employment growth in the United States is likely to remain in neutral for the foreseeable future, "said Dave Maney, a spokeswoman for the survey and president of Headwaters MB, a medium investment bank in Denver.

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