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Japan benefits from information that point to more quantitative measures

Us banks list / Saturday, August 21, 2010

Japan closes with his second straight day of gains (Nikkei: 1.3%; Topix: +1.1%) thanks to information aimed at the quantitative measures and the good results and forecasts of U.S. semiconductor manufacturer Applied Materials.

Japan's Sankei newspaper said the Bank of Japan injected more money into the financial system to weaken the yen and keep financing costs low. Analysts at Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management pointed out that "the expectations of more monetary and fiscal measures to combat the strong yen are rising. More companies revised their profit forecasts as the probability of a relapse into recession diminished. "

In addition, the chip equipment maker Tokyo Electron has led gains in the Nikkei after the good news from Applied Materials. The American public last night after the closure of Wall Street profits and exceeding the consensus forecast.

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Usa Banks List

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