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International banking out of the hole

Us banks list / Sunday, August 15, 2010

An incipient economic recovery and less need of supplies have allowed the large international banks to submit half-yearly results comparable only to 2008.

There are, of course, like those recorded before the outbreak of the crisis, but they do seem to indicate that they are on track to recover medium term.

The last to know were the Barclays, a bank that has grappled with the difficulties in applying a scissor hard costs, especially labor, but has not clarified the Government's aid. Barclays has won 2.937 million euros in the first half, representing an improvement of 28.7% compared to a year ago and, more importantly, the resources consumed by debtors have fallen 32%. This reduction, to 3.708 million euros, has been achieved despite the impact of exposure to real estate and builder in Spain, where unpaid charges have grown at 570 million euros.

Also yesterday, Germany's Commerzbank stressed that provisions for bad loans had fallen by 30% to 1.232 million. The exit of the tunnel for Commerzbank is scheduled for this year, having received not once but twice millionaire public aid, which in 2009 meant to have as a shareholder, with 25%, the German State. This semester has been a profit of 1,060 million, when he makes a year, dragged down by the weight of the acquisition of Dresdner, lost over 1,600 million euros.

They are the only banks that rely on smoothly away from the past. The market was surprised a few days ago with the results of HSBC. Europe's biggest bank, which had to expand capital and eliminate more than 6,000 jobs in 2008 when its results plummeted, again sees profit in its North American division for the first time in three years, while its provisions for problem loans are reduced almost half.

Also exceeded expectations Lloyd's, nationalized by 41% in the first quarter only dared to point out that he had returned to profit, without giving details, and now confirms its recovery with a half-year profit of 718 million.

The strength of the retail banking division of BNP Paribas and lower provisions than enough to offset the volatile investment banking activities, which also allowed him to beat forecasts.

Other results concluded in the French market were those of Société Générale. Tripled their results and maintains its goal of 6,000 million in 2011.

American giants Citigroup and Bank of America, whose results are still far removed from those of 2009, also saw significant declines in supplies. First, severely beaten by the crisis, laid off more than 50,000 employees and after a few alarming deterioration of its accounts was partially nationalized the past year and divided into two. For its part, Bank of America received a multimillion-dollar Treasury aid to avoid collapse.

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