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Citigroup is once again the world s largest bank

Us banks list / Monday, August 09, 2010

The U.S. banking giants are back. Citigroup, the bank symbol fallen empire and U.S. slowly returns to the Champions League in terms of banking stock.

A group in which only those mega banks enter more than $ s100.000 million market value as HSBC, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and parastatal banks in China.

According to published, the governing body of Vikram Pandit, and still controlled by the state, has once again outperformed this week by market value to Spanish Santander, the largest bank in the euro area and one of the most enhanced by the crisis.

In dollars, the capitalization of Santander is slightly above the $ s110.000 million, while Citigroup has surpassed the $ s118.000 million and continues up the ladder.

Emilio Botin's dream of overtaking the U.S. banking symbol has lasted just over two years, the time required for a major financial restructuring recorded in the crisis.

The voracity of a Spanish bank in the last five years has led to double the size of its balance sheet, to 1.1 billion euros, and shooting its market capitalization in excess of 85,000 million euros (U.S. $ s110.000 million).

Royal Bank, Alliance, Bradford, Sovereign and half a dozen consumer credit subsidiaries around the world have been absorbed in just 24 months. The latest operations in 2010, have returned to give more size.

In the acquisition of its subsidiary in Mexico and a package of RBS office has disbursed more than 4,000 million.

But none of this has been enough for the giant Citigroup is back above Santander. The U.S. government, which came into its capital by taking 36% between 2008 and 2009, is selling in recent weeks most of their actions with a chunk of capital gains.

In particular, the state investment in the bank rose to 25,000 million euros, but after the subsequent sale of shares and the revaluation of the stock price, the Obama Administration could trigger profit up 50% of the investment.

Of the $ s45.000 million initially injected by the U.S. Treasury, Citigroup returned or $ s20.000 million and the State was left with a 27% which has progressively been reduced to 18% today.

The latest sales of shares, which are being placed between funds and investors hundreds of institutions, has reported more than 10,000 million dollars. And still selling.

The stabilization of financial markets, together with the strong appreciation of the dollar since last November, has triggered interest in U.S. banks, which has largely completed its restructuring and re-enjoy the favor of investors.

The revaluation of Citigroup over 300% from the lows of March 2009, when it bottomed out in little more than a dollar per share.

So far in 2010, rising Titles rises to 23%. Meanwhile, Santander has been punished this year by their exposure to Spanish and sovereign debt crisis triggered between February and May.

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